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QR Code Wizard Macro, as the name suggests is a Macro to create QR Codes in CorelDraw. However there are many macro available, but this macro is different from other QR Codes Makers. This macro directly use a data base file in TXT format. After that QR Code Wizard Macro process this data to create multiple QR codes .

Learn how to use QR Code Wizard Macro to create multiple QR Codes

Using this macro anyone can create multiple qr codes using a database txt file. It has a very easy interface and only requires the database file and destination folder… that’s it. After that you only need to click on generate and all done.

Macro application creates QR codes in PNG and PS (vector) file formats. QR Codes created in PS vector file format can be extended to any size without loosing quality.

Learn how to make School ID cards using Macro in CorelDraw:

Although, you can create ID cards in CorelDraw easily, but sometimes it causes problem. As there is no inbuilt solution to add images at go.

So, if you are looking for a solution, you can use alternative application ‘ADobe Indesign”.

If you want to know how to create ID cards in Indesign. You can go through this video. I have explained every step so that even if you are beginner,

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